Advances in Health Informatics Conference

Aditya Pai

Aditya Pai, MSc, MSc, MBA

Senior Managing Consultant
Strategy and Transformation, Healthcare Practice
IBM Global Business Services

Aditya Pai - Keynote Speaker - AHIC 2012 Keynote Presentation

Redefining Value and Success with Smarter Analytics

Dan Gordon, PhD, MSc, MSc, Executive Consultant, IBM Global Healthcare Centre of Competence and Aditya Pai, MSc, MSc, MBA, Senior Managing Consultant, Strategy and Transformation, Healthcare Practice, IBM Global Business Services, will speak on how large healthcare databases and the tools of Business Intelligence can assist us in the analysis and management of health care.

The co-presenters will talk about key healthcare trends, what is redefining value and success, and “big data” and smarter analytics.

They will provide examples of how “big data” will impact healthcare delivery such as analytics and its impact on point of care, how Dr. Watson changes things, and genomics and its impact on integrated diagnostics (predictive analytics).

The speakers will also discuss the key competencies that healthcare stakeholders will need to develop in the area of smarter analytics.


Aditya is a Senior Managing Consultant with the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice. He has fifteen years of health care expertise and has worked on healthcare transformation, strategy and information technology engagements involving E-health, diagnostic imaging, genomics and hospital operations. Aditya has a special interest in healthcare transformation, clinical analytics and the impact of genomics and information technology on healthcare. Prior to joining IBM, Aditya worked at Mount Sinai Hospital as a genetic counselor and internal operations coordinator, where he delivered medical genetics services and promoted the role of genetics at the strategic, operational, research and management levels. His clinical experience has provided him with a unique perspective on the health care system.  Aditya is a co-author of “Healthcare 2015: Win-Win or Lose-Lose” – IBM’s global point of view of healthcare in the next decade and has written other thought leadership papers such as “Healthcare in India – Caring for over a billion” and “Genomic Medicine – The Tip of the iceberg”. His extensive consulting experience in different facets of complex healthcare engagements provides for a unique blend of clinical, business, and thought leadership skills.

Aditya finished his Bachelors degree with Honours in Life Sciences and Biochemistry in India, and has since then completed Masters Degrees in Medical Genetics at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; Molecular Genetics at McGill University and Genetic Counseling at Brandeis University, Boston. He completed his MBA at Schulich School of Business, York University with a specialization in Strategic Management in April 2004 and was the Founder of Schulich’s Healthcare and Biotechnology Forum. He has taught genetics courses at the post-graduate level at University of Toronto  and has subsequently joined York University as a Part-Time Faculty member where teaches an MBA course that he co-designed in the Health Industry Management Program at Schulich School of Business on Commercialization in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. Aditya has lived in India, South America, UK, and the US and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Genetic Counseling. He is also on the Board of Directors of Perram House, a downtown Toronto hospice that delivers end of life care. He is an excellent communicator who possesses a strong work ethic and has strong analytical, negotiation and facilitation skills.


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