Advances in Health Informatics Conference

Paper Review

Paper Review

Your paper’s review will include the following:

  • Reviewer Comments to Author.
    • Strengths & Weaknesses.
    • Suggestion for improvements, changes/revisions.
  • Indication of the themes published in the Call for Papers where your paper fits.
  • Your paper rating on a Likert scale and answer to the question: "To what extent does the paper meet these criteria?"
    • Overall originality, must be original work.

    • Methodological originality, or properly cited.

    • Completeness of discussion, includes relevant sections.

    • Appropriate reference to work of others.

    • Organization of paper.

    • Clarity in writing, tables, graphs, illustrations (good English, style, clearly articulated ideas, captions).

    • Documentation of effects/outcomes/impacts.


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