Advances in Health Informatics Conference

HI 101 - Mini-HI Bootcamp

HI 101 - Mini-HI Bootcamp

Date: April 25, 2012
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


HI 101 is an intensive program introducing key concepts, issues, applications and technologies in Applied Health Informatics.

Workshop Instructor

Prof. H. Dominic Covvey, BA, MSc, FACMI, FHIMSS, ITCP (CIPS)
President, National Institutes of Health Informatics
Adjunct Professor, University of Waterloo

Registration Options

  1. Onsite followed by post Online Bootcamp: Experience the full program, which includes the one-day onsite session and the online program. By choosing to participate in the full program, the participant will deepen the one-day overview with a broad, comprehensive introduction to Health Informatics. In this case, the registrant obtains access to our large archive of recorded videos of leading Health Informatics experts, as well as being able to participate in monthly webcast question and answer sessions and online discussion facilities.
  2. Onsite only: Participate in the one-day onsite session only.

For more registration information and/or to register, click here.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the current landscape of the practice of Applied Health Informatics.
  • Better determine and define your own areas of interest.
  • Undertake advanced explorations into your areas of interest.
  • Launch a systematic process of broadening and deepening your knowledge.
  • Access Health Informatics information resources.

Pre-Workshop Preparation

View the following online video lectures prior to the workshop (total 175 min):

  • Overview of the Program (20 min)
  • Overview of Health Informatics (50 min)
  • Health Informatics Infrastructure (75 min)
  • You, Your Competencies and Roles (30 min)

Note: Once you are registered, you will be sent detailed information by email on how to access the pre-workshop video lectures.


08:00 AM  –   08:20 AM    Introductions. Overview of HI 101 Program. 

08:20 AM  –   09:00 AM    Health Information Management. 

09:00 AM  –   09:30 AM    Focus on Participant Interests. (Group Discussion)

09:30 AM  –   09:45 AM    Break

09:45 AM  –   10:15 AM    Intelligent Health Systems. 

10:15 AM  –   10:30 AM    Case Study and Discussion. 

10:30 AM  –   11:00 AM    Complexity and the Health System. 

11:00 AM  –   11:30 AM    Digital Imaging, Image Processing, and Management. 

11:30 AM  –   12:00 PM    Mathematical Computing in Health. 

12:00 PM  –   1:00 PM      Lunch

1:00 PM    –   1:30 PM      Translational Bioinformatics. 

1:30 PM    –   1:45 PM      Case Study and Discussion.

1:45  PM   –   2:15 PM      Understanding Complexity and the Health System. 

2:15 PM    –   2:30 PM      Break

2:30 PM    –   3:00 PM      User Interaction and the Human-Computer Interface. 

3:00 PM    –   3:15 PM      Case Study and Discussion. 

3:15 PM    –   3:45 PM      The Methods and Tools of the Health Informatician. 

3:45 PM    –   4:15 PM      Human Aspects of Health Informatics. 

4:15 PM    –   4:45 PM      Evaluation: Is IT Worth it? 

4:45 PM    –   5:00 PM      Going Beyond HI 101.

5:00 PM                          Conclusion.

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