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Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

The AHIC 2012 Sponsorship Package is available.

If you would like to get a copy of the Sponsorship Package or if you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities:

Why Sponsor AHIC 2012

AHIC 2012 gives you …

…access to infuential leaders in Health Informatics

The conference theme addresses integrated diagnostics, integrated care delivery and transforming health care. It will bring together leaders from around the globe to discuss the issues, trends and possible solutions for going forward.

… one-to-one exposure to attendees from right across Canada and the world

The on-site assembly is your opportunity to hear from and communicate with people in Health Informatics and eHealth.

…reach out to extended national and international Web audiences

You will be able to maximize your exposure at AHIC 2012 with its web participants and speakers from all around the globe.

…gained knowledge and awareness of emerging trends and issues

The peer-reviewed papers will present the latest in current research, results and thinking.

…network with visionaries, researchers, industry experts and government leaders

We already have an impressive list of speakers. You know every name on the AHIC Conference Committee.

…your corporate image continues as an AHIC sponsor

After the conference, we will be able to see and hear again what was presented and discussed with the AHIC 2012 Online Archive. As a sponsor, you will be included on this legacy of the conference. The online archive will be available for one year to the conference participants and others who could not attend.

Official Media Sponsors:

Healthcare Information Management and Communications Canada  Longwoods Publishing

Canadian Healthcare Technology  Canadian Healthcare Manager

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National Institutes of Health Informatics    York University

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