Advances in Health Informatics Conference

Transforming Health Care Workshop

Transforming Health Care: Evidence, Pragmatism and Politics

This built-in conference workshop will focus on the potential that eHealth capabilities have to significantly increase the productivity of the health system at a time when funding has become highly restrained.


Will Falk laid out in a recent report, the potential that eHealth capabilities can deliver, given policy changes, significant health system reorganization, and appropriate investment in eHealth capabilities to support radical change. Enrico Coiera in a recent study has provided a theoretical basis for the implications of health system change.

Brian Haynes has reviewed the deliverables of eHealth based on key clinical trials of systems and has stated the evidence for improvements in process efficiency. Pavel Roshanov has reviewed these same clinical trials and determined the factors that are associated with the success of systems versus those not delivering on their promise.

William Pascal has examined the policy shifts that must occur to enable the potential of eHealth systems.


This workshop will be very interactive.

The workshop will begin with a panel discussion reflecting on the recent BMJ article by Enrico Coiera who provides a theoretical basis for the implications of health system change. They will also discuss on the current situation where reduction in transfer payments from the federal government has threatened the fiscal viability of the provincial health systems and caused an immediate focus on radical defunding of health care.

  • Brief presentations (approximately 15 minutes each) will be made by each workshop leader.
  • This will be followed by a facilitated 1-hour question and answer and discussion period with the audience.
  • All conference registrants will have an opportunity to participate.

Workshop Leaders

  • William (Bill) J. Pascal, Chief Information Officer, CMA. (Chair)
  • William Falk, Independent Advisor and Executive Fellow in Residence, Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation, SPPG
    Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • R. Brian Haynes, OC, MD, MSc, PhD, Professor, McMaster University


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